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I Am at A Place In Life Where Peace is a Priority.

Has anybody else reached this point at a time in your life? Where you have had enough of all the B.S? All the toxicity in your life?

The amount of hardship and struggle emotionally, physically, and financially I had to endure to get to this point in my life was catastrophic. But I am also Thankful for all of it, as it got me to where I am today. I will be forever grateful for my strength and endurance to get back off the ground every time I was knocked back into it. And became a stronger more intuitive woman for it.

This Last Year has been full of meditation, therapy, spiritual awakenings, re-parenting myself and healing generations of trauma that women before me carried on. Breaking generational trauma has been a journey all its own and it has been a lonely one. I worked my ass off to get to where I am today. I'm finally at peace with myself and my demons. And I'm healing my C-PSTD to the point where I unfortunately had to message my ex-husband a couple days ago (even though I am No Contact) about an urgent court matter, and for once I didn't vibrate in my own skin while I was messaging him. I even had to message one of his family matters and I was calm instead of nauseous and sweaty.

At first reaction to this situation I wasn't. I'll admit it. I was in a panic state. But I had grown enough to recognize my triggers and to be able to feel the emotions that run through me, and that's just it, I let them flow through me. I sat with the uncomfortable sick feelings and acknowledged them for what they were. Triggers from my C-PTSD. Then I released them.

Me a year ago, could not do that. I would have cowered. I would have been weak and I would have suppressed the fear. Now I think about the situation ahead of me and I am able to stand with ease as I know my truth. I have the support, And I no longer serve anyone but myself. This is what peace feels like. This is the feeling that I have been fighting for my whole life. And I will not let my past, or anyone else destroy it.

Affirmations for Peace

I am Calm and at Peace. My Body Radiates with Positive Energy and Light.

I Focus on What I can Control and Make Peace with What I Can't

I Take Things One Step At a Time

I Release Doubt and Welcome Faith

I Wish for the Greatest Good For Myself and Everybody Today

I Feel Grounded and Safe in My Own Body

In This Moment I am Safe

Every Breath I Inhale Calms Me and Every Breath I Exhale takes away tension

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