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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to my painfully beautiful self transformational site, I Built Me.

Let me "awkwardly" introduce myself. My name is Kyli. I am a mother to a beautiful daughter first and foremost. I am currently in University full time getting my Degree for Human Resources, Starting my own business that is also my passion and building a life with my love and best friend, I am going through a Divorce with my abuser, and currently still on my self love healing journey to my highest self. This is Something I want to share with the rest of the world so that it may help others who are wanting to make a change for their highest self.

I built this Blog and Website to help guide my readers to tap into their Inner child and help heal the childhood traumas we may have experienced in childhood (sexual, physical, emotional), balance out the divine feminine and masculine energies, The Dark Night of the Soul, Dealing with our abusers, Boundaries, Manifestation, Vibration Frequency, Abundance and the Unconditional Self Love Journey to help reach our Highest Self.

Oh my god, I know, this is a lot to take in and your sitting there thinking, "What the f*$k is she talking about, crazy lady!"....But hear me out, as we go along and dive deeper and deeper you will understand more and more and see how they are all connected and things will start resonating with you. And I will not lie, shit gets deep and dark. In order to see the light you need to feel the dark! and my favorite, "Feel, Heal, and Release back with Love".

Everyone heals in different ways. Take what resonates with you, Leave what doesn't.

Love and Light Beautiful Souls.


All of what I write is based on my life experience. On how I felt and experienced Life. Not as others experienced. So if your my family and or friends and you read this for the first time....I hope it helps heal you as well.

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