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Healing the Sacral Chakra and Why it is Important as a Woman

Women. We are literal divine creatures. We carry layers and layers of emotional turmoil because well, we were built that way. We can handle it. Do we handle it the healthiest when we are not tuned into our highest self? Absolutely not. Do we suppress and suppress because society as a whole has conditioned us to think we are the lesser gender? Absolutely. But keeping your chakras aligned and open and clearing blockages helps us release all this emotional turmoil and any traumas that you are suppressing. Your chakras affect you more than you think.

Your Chakras are your energy points in your body. You have 7 Chakras in total. They align from the bottom up. Your Root Chakra is your survival, grounding, stability, comfort and safety. Its color is Red (colors are important when you picture clearing them), it is located in your perineum.

Next is your Sacral Chakra. This signifies sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, creativity and emotions. The color is Orange. It is located in your sacrum (womb).

Then we have the Solar Plexus. This represents strength, ego, power, self esteem, and digestion. It is located above the naval. The color is Yellow.

Your Heart Chakra comes after Solar Plexus. This represents love, acceptance, compassion, kindness and peace. The color is green and it is located in the middle of your chest

Following your Heart is your Throat Chakra. This chakra is your communication, expression, honesty and purification. The color is blue and it is located on the back of your neck and throat.

Leading from your Heart Chakra into your Third Eye Chakra now. The Third Eye Chakra is your intuition, visualization, imagination and your clairvoyance traits. It is located between the eyebrows and the color is Indigo.

Finally we have your Crown Chakra. It's functions are knowledge, fulfillment, spirituality, and self-realization. It is located at the top of your head and its color is violet and white.

As much as I would love to get into each chakra, I want to focus on the sacral. Especially as a woman.

Your Sacral Chakra is what makes you as a woman. Your creativity thrives from here, you passion, your sexuality. Yes I bold printed that because our sexuality whether we believe it or not, is what aligns our creativity and as a divine feminine your creativity is what makes you YOU. Your sacral chakra when unbalanced can cause you to feel disconnected from pleasure, low sex drive, guilt, jealousy, lack of creativity, power and control issues, unprocessed anger and relationship and financial issues. Once aligned You heal from the abuse and trauma you endured, you gain a sense of freedom, you start manifesting your desires, honoring your sacred vessel, you heal shame, guilt and fear that you have been carrying around for years, you start to remember your feminine gifts, and most importantly you heal the women before and after you.

I struggled with aligning my sacral for years. In the bedroom I was honestly just struggling to be present in my body as I did not feel safe there. I had no feeling during penetration, my vagajay would go completely numb due to the traumas I endured. I wasn't passionate about anything, I was just there. I literally faked it till I made it. Your sitting there wondering, how could I go that long for that many years faking it and not getting any pleasure from sex? I seriously adapted well to my environment. It was a Survival Mechanism. It also created physical symptoms having my sacral unaligned. I had super heavy periods, cramps that would make me buckle at the knees to lay on the floor. I was diagnosed with endometriosis just because they didn't know what else it could be. I Had horrible pain during sex for no apparent reason (my ex husband blamed me for this, this is why I say EX-husband).

Too many men I let get their way with me sexually because I felt I needed the validation or I people pleased, and in order for me to feel safe I did whatever they needed me to do. This brought up a lot of blockages in my sacral and my throat chakra. It has taken me a full year to align my sacral. It took taking back my power from my ex-husband and being the one to go no contact and file for divorce on my terms to fully align my sacral.

I believe for everyone its different traumas that block your sacral but for me It had everything to do with my self esteem, no boundaries, and the men that I chose.

As a woman having creative expression, passion, and coming into your sexuality is absolutely beautiful. I didn't know it at the time either but OH MY GOD, once your sacral aligns you are in a whole new outlook on how sex should be with a partner that you are with and the freedom you feel. The passion and creativity radiate from your soul. You may feel more open minded, loving, respectful, creativity, and passion. So for me, feeling all this was like something out of a storybook. Brand new for me, I didn't think it was real to be honest.

I give most the credit to my energy healer but also myself for doing the healing but I give the love of my life some credit too as he helped me help me open my sacral.

If this resonated with you in way I have listed ways below that may help to balance out your sacral chakra if you feel it may be blocked in some way. If your better with words I have some Affirmations or if you are better with Visuals I listed a Visual you can practice in meditation.


  • I am sensual and desirable just as I am right now

  • I feel sexy, alive, and free to express myself and my gifts

  • I am a magnetic vessel of creative and passionate potential

  • I am meant to live a full, sexy and vibrant life

  • I feel a deep connection to my inner divinity and my deepest desires

  • I trust my feelings and give them ample room for expression

  • I am honoring my body and I treat myself with respect.

  • My sexuality is sacred

  • I embrace and celebrate my sexuality

  • I am feeling complete peace from within

  • I am radiant, beautiful, creative and enjoy a healthy passionate life


Seated comfortably, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to visualize. visualize the vibrant light of the full moon rising over an ocean, allow that light to permeate your lower abdomen. Imagine the warm expansive glow getting more open and brighter and shooting from your sacral chakra outward, illuminating the night. Create a Vortex of healing ORANGE energy surrounding your physical body. Repeat as needed.

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