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Feminine and Masculine Energies. How do you Balance them within you?

Have you ever heard of your Feminine and Masculine energies? If you answered no, that was also me about a year ago before I went through my spiritual awakening. When I first heard that I was more tapped into my wounded masculine energy and less in touch with my feminine energy , I thought are you saying I am Manly?! Do I act more like a Man than a Woman?! I was so confused, but once it was explained in a way that resonated with me, I understood. Inside of us we have the Masculine energy which is our right Side and then we have our feminine energy which is our left side. The right side is the one that gives and the left side is the one that receives. The way in which react and respond physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviorally is based on which energies we are more tapped into. This would have also been instilled in you by your parents, traumas that happened, life in general. We developed our energies based on reactions.

Think of Yin and Yang. Two sides that when balanced out brings peace. Your right and your left side. When neither side of your energies is balanced out this causes our reactions to situations. Some of us tend to dwell more in the wounded masculine traits and some of us dwell in the wounded feminine traits. This also depends on your issues with your parents. For me, I have mommy and daddy issues so it took a lot of releasing and balancing to get to where I am now.

You will not achieve your manifestations or the alignment with your higher self and soul purpose if you do not heal the wounded energies and bring them into the Divine Energies of the Masculine and the Feminine. Below I created a chart to show you the traits of the wounded and of the aligned.

Wounded Masculine

  • Attachment to Success

  • Fear of Failure

  • Need to be right

  • Aggressive

  • Cold and Distant

  • Critical and Judgemental

  • Selfish

  • Stuck in the mind, not in touch with emotions

  • Defending and attacking

Divine Masculine

  • Present without being distracted

  • Non Judgemental

  • Committed and Powerful

  • Deep integrity and humbleness

  • Focus and Discipline

  • Supportive and Encouraging

  • Grounded and of Service

  • Honest, logical, and accountable

Wounded Feminine

  • Looking for external Validation

  • Being insecure

  • Manipulative

  • Stuck in Victimhood

  • Excessively attached

  • Desperate for Love

  • Sacrificing herself

  • Overshares her emotions and has no boundaries

Divine Feminine

  • Strong and sets boundaries

  • Loving and supportive

  • Vulnerable, compassionate, and authentic

  • Receptive and Confident in her Body

  • Intuitive and Creative

  • Asks for what she needs

  • Enjoys the process of creation

  • Empathetic

The wounded masculine energy stems from your father or a father like figure in your earlier life, or maybe it stems from your relationships with the opposite sex. If you resonated with any of the traits, Shadow work is a good way to help recognize and heal.

The wounded feminine energy stems from the You guessed it. The Mother wound. Could have been a strong female role model in your life or a mother figure. The more shadow work you do, the more you heal the wounds that were instilled upon you, whether it be in this lifetime or you brought karmic lessons from past lives to this one. But either way in order to feel your best self, we need to work on the triggers from our parental wounds and or relationship wounds.

Once we Balance out the energies after doing the work, The universe starts bringing you opportunities that are in your highest alignment with self. Your manifestations start happening at much quicker pace and you feel connected mind body and soul. Serenity is what you feel. Peace, Love, Happiness. Whatever that looks like for you.

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