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Be that Woman that Decided to Go For It

I see so many women scared to do something because they feel they are too old, not smart enough, don't have the body, too weak, too emotional, a mother. Ahhhhh that last one though... I myself am a Mother. I had my daughter very young (21). I Became a single mother at the age of 23. Motherhood is one of the hardest things a woman has to go through but that shouldn't stop you from doing what you desire to do. I was a victim of this mentality as well. I thought I was limited to what I could achieve because I was a Mother. Your children are supposed to come first right?...Wrong! You are supposed to come first.

I know, I know, How could I say that? How could I be so selfish as to say that I come before my kids? Well let me explain quickly and easily so that it resonates.

Have you ever heard of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? Its basically the Pyramid Of Self Care. If you haven't, Google It. Its pretty neat to learn about in detail. This is a pyramid of needs that need to be met before you level up. At the very bottom of the pyramid we have your Physiological needs that need to be met. This your basic needs: Food, Water, Shelter, Clothes, ect. All of these needs need to be met before you can carry on to the next set of needs. This makes sense if you think about it. You need to replenish yourself and take care of your physical body before you can move on to your Safety Needs (which is the next level and is also basic needs still). You safety needs are your security, employment, money, resources ect. Once these needs are being met than you can met your social needs. This is your Psychological needs (love, belonging, intimacy, ect). Then these needs are met and we carry on to our esteem needs which is still psychological (confidence, respect, status ect). Once all the needs of the pyramid are met we are at the top of self actualization. This is where creativity, passion, morality, fulfillment all represent here. You are literally living your best life.

How many women reading this can say that they are meeting all their basic needs?? Very few guaranteed. I was one of them.

As a person in order to be healthy for someone else we need to be meeting all these needs in the hierarchy pyramid and showing up for our selves. If we can't show up for ourselves, we feel drained, fatigued, short tempered, impatient, like we are giving and giving and not receiving. Then we lash out, we react instead of responding. Our children see the impatience, they hear the tones in our voice change, they see the body language change. They see all of this. If we are showing them how to react instead of respond, they are going to be in for a long road healing as an adult. They also need to be taught that in order to give to another we need to be replenishing ourselves.

Now that I rambled on about how we need to put ourselves first, let me get back to my original point.

We as women do not need the excuses of why we cannot do something. We can do anything we want to do. We are Powerful. Strong. Empathetic, Compassionate, Intuitive Beings who are more than capable of taking down the Patriarchy that the whole world has been about since the beginning of time. Stop Making the Excuses, Take that leap of faith and get out there and do what you want to do. You have all the capabilities. Just go fuckin DO IT! You are a Boss Ass Bitch!

Repeat These Mantras. And then Repeat Again until its drilled into your soul.

I am powerful

I am Intuitive

I am my own creator

I am a goddess

I am a Woman

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