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A Goddess is a Woman who Emerges from Deep within Herself

Goddess Energy is channeled through our Divine Feminine Energy. When you channel your goddess energy it comes through looking as radiant, confident, and sexy as this woman in the picture.

To Channel this Goddess Energy, I find for myself and I hope that this also works for you, is the following:

  1. Embrace the power of Femininity.

Your divine Femininity can look a little something like this:

Strong and has boundaries, Loving and Supportive, Vulnerable, Compassionate and Authentic, Receptive and Confident in her Body, Intuitive and Creative, Asks for what She Needs, Enjoys the Process of Creation, Able to relate to others by listening, sharing, and creating a communion.

The Wounded Feminine can look like this:

Looking for External Validation, Feeling Insecure, Manipulative, Stuck in victimhood, Excessively Attached, Desperate for Love, Sacrificing herself, Overshares her emotions and has no boundaries.

2. Discover and Accept Your Own Feelings and Emotions.

Shadow Work is super helpful in tapping into your self and figuring out why you work the way that you do. (If you do not know what Shadow work is, stay tuned for my shadow work posts.)

3. Unleash the Artist within You

Creativity and Expression is needed to channel Goddess Energy. What are your passions? What are you most wanting to do but afraid of what people might think? Do It Anyways! Whether it's a craft class, painting, reiki, tarot, starting a Tik Tok, Maybe an OnlyFans, a Blog, whatever it is, Do It. Do not give a second thought about what other people are going to say or think. You do You Boo. Whatever fuels that inner fire.

4. Don't Forget that it is Okay to be Sensitive

I can't even tell you how sensitive I am now compared to what I used to be like. Embrace the fact that you feel all the emotions. Feel, embrace with love, release with intention.

5. Empower Other Women

I need to scream this one at the top of my lungs because goddamn, some of us need to realize we are not against each other. Lift other women up, stop comparing ourselves to someone else as this creates a jealousy that nobody needs. You see a woman with a cute face and a booty so big, OH Girl, tell her! Not in a creepy way obviously, but HYPE her up. We all want that girlfriend that tells us how amazing we are, but we never think to do it for someone else. If we all start growing with each other instead of against each other, women could take over the world. But that's just my opinion :)

6. Take Good Care of Your Body and Mind

Self Care. Self care is a must. This looks different for everyone. Maybe your version of self care is talking to a therapist 3 times a week, or maybe its smoking a joint after the kids are in bed. Maybe it's taking a trip with your friends. Maybe it's journaling and trying to heal your inner child. Maybe its working out at the gym, or just staying in bed all day and not functioning as a human. Whatever your version of self care is, prioritize it. You deserve it.

7. Dress the Way You Want

Babes, We need to start dressing for ourselves, and not what society thinks we should be putting on our bodies. And please, please, please Do Not dress for validation. The only Validation you need is from yourself.

8. Cherish your Sexuality

Sex is not a sin, sex is a beautiful and intimate relationship where you should be engaging your mind body and soul. Its a spiritual act. Your sexuality is your presence. The more you embrace it either with yourself or a partner, the more open you will be and the more authenticity will radiate from you.

9. Connect with Your Intuition

If you are not connected with your own spiritual superpower, you will need to re look at your situation. Not being connected to our intuition prevents us from aligning with our higher self. Intuition is literally a woman's very own magic. Don't believe in magic? Do you believe in Gut Feelings, and energies, and vibes? SAME THING. Your intuition is what saved you from a possible terrible accident, or from going home with a stranger you received a bad vibe from all of a sudden. The more you tune into your intuition, the more you tune into your highest self, which is where we all strive to be. Your Intuition is literal Magic.

10. Be Present and Spend Time In Nature.

Being Mindful and meditating was extremely hard for me to accomplish. My mind runs a mile a minute and I was a super anxious person. Always worrying about the future and trying to forget my past, Never noticing what was happening in the present. My body took its toll from my emotional turmoil. My Nervous system was shot, my body couldn't regulate my emotions and I didn't feel safe in my body so I would react way different to situations than I do now. Being out in nature, meditating by bodies of water or in the Trees is where I feel the most grounded. I definately recommend starting meditation outside as you feel the most connected to the elements of the universe.

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