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I Built Me.

A personal blog on Inner Child Healing, Spirituality, And Self Love.

We are all told, “to heal ourselves”; I am here to tell you my life experience and how I did just that. I Built Me. serves as a vessel to project my life experiences into your healing guide, and clue in my feminine readers as to what inspires me and will hopefully inspire you to take the steps to feel unconditional love in this crazy F**ked up world. So, get comfy, make some tea, eat some snackies and bust out your journal,  in order to reach the light you need to feel the dark.

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Narcissist VS the Empath

What is a Narcissist? A Narcissist is someone who expects someone to take care of them, to put them on a pedestal and treat their wants...

About the Author

Hello Beautiful Souls, Welcome to my painfully beautiful self transformational site, I Built Me. Let me "awkwardly" introduce myself. My...

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Thanks for your interest in I Built Me. I hope this gave you good vibes and you take what resonates with you. Please feel free to get in touch with me personally with any questions you have and I will get back to you soon!

Alberta, Canada

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